Fusor V – August 2020

Instrumentation and control upgrades! 2 new digital counters, a more sensitive He3 tube/trigger, and power supply remote control (enabling holding a set grid current). Also whipped up a JavaFX app with a corresponding Arduino program.

Side bar, Arduino’s Wire (I2C) library is a mess. I started work on a replacement wire lib that operates on a user-provided buffer. I haven’t gotten around to tackling a replacement for AVR which turned out to be even more of a mess, so SAM support only for the time being.

Fusor V – July 2020

Finally activated a sheet of silver (7x background)! This update also includes removal of the ceramic plasma limiting beads, the addition of plasma and x-ray viewport shielding, and low and high cross-section 2″ grids. Unfortunately both grids proved too hard to accurately control due to avalanche breakdown. I’m thinking a 1.5″ maybe the sweet spot…

Fusor V – June 2020

Long overdue post on the progress made on my fifth fusor buildout. Notable upgrades include a 6″ spherical chamber, 60kV 20mA supply, redesigned neutron oven, and borated HDPE and lead shadow-cone shield.